Integris Composites is an expert in protection solutions for aircraft based on our wide portfolio of mass-efficient armor solutions.


With our outstanding engineering capabilities, Integris Composites has established expertise in developing and integrating innovative armor solutions, customized in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The core of our capabilities is our proficiency in manufacturing advanced composites structures, including cutting-edge ceramics, composite materials, and lightweight ballistic items. This expertise allows us to create armor solutions that protect against diverse threats—ranging from ballistic impacts to shrapnel hazards—while maintaining the aircraft's performance standards.

Our commitment to providing bespoke solutions for each aircraft type sets us apart in the industry. Collaborating closely with aircraft manufacturers, defense contractors, and military bodies, we meticulously tailor armor solutions to match specific aircraft structures, vulnerabilities, and protection requirements. This seamless integration allows us to maintain a delicate balance between added armor and maintaining the aircraft's performance and balance characteristics.

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Manufacturing Capability

Our dedicated aerospace engineering teams cater specifically to the special requirement and technical needs of aircraft manufacturers, defense contractors, and helicopter operators. Our experienced staff supports the process of developing, integrating, and manufacturing Aerospace Survivability Equipment (ASE), including these steps:

  • Creation of drawings (CATIA V5 R18 or Solid Works) for AH and production
  • All test samples needed for ballistic and aerospace certification
  • Stress and strength analyses of design including crash load resistance and vibration analyses
  • Certification of mechanical and environmental properties
  • Risk analyses and risk management
  • Safety analyses, Reliability analyses, FMEA, FRACAS, Maintainability.
  • PDR, CDR, QR and FAI documentation
  • Quality Assurance related documentation
  • Tools and equipment for serial production
  • User Manual and support to buying personnel
  • ILS\LSA data set.
  • Production of 1 Mock-up M (Plastic panels with interfaces)

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