Armor solutions for onboard systems are essential to uphold the integrity and performance of critical equipment.

Protecting mission-critical equipment is our mission.

These protective solutions, applicable to radar radomes, main armaments, and other exposed essential systems, serve the dual purpose of providing a protective barrier against ballistic and blast threats as well as environmental elements and maintaining the optimal functioning of sensitive onboard equipment. The design of the solutions requires a careful balance between effective protection and ensuring the unhindered operation of the onboard systems.

The choice of protection solutions for onboard system is a pivotal consideration. Composite materials, including fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymers, are often chosen due to their lightweight properties, durability, and compatibility with electromagnetic signals. These materials enable the creation of armor solutions capable of withstanding potential hazards such as impacts, vibration, and environmental stressors. Furthermore, these armor solutions must endure diverse conditions that onboard systems may face while ensuring the continued operational efficiency of the equipment.

Enhancing protection without compromising performance.

Preserving the electromagnetic performance and operability of the onboard systems is a core challenge in designing armor solutions. The armor material must not interfere with the transmission, reception, or functionality of the equipment. Achieving this delicate balance demands meticulous engineering to ensure that the solution maintains the necessary compatibility with onboard systems while effectively providing the desired protection. Moreover, precise installation techniques are essential to prevent unintended interferences or disruptions.

Integris Composites excels in providing composite armor solutions, making us well-suited for protecting onboard systems. Leveraging our expertise in composite materials and engineering, Integris Composites offers tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate protection with the unhindered operation of the equipment. Our composite armor solutions effectively mitigate potential hazards, environmental factors, and other threats that onboard systems may encounter. Integris Composites' profound understanding of technology ensures that our armor solutions are optimized to prevent interference with the onboard systems' functionalities.

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