9 June 2024

Integris increases Danish workforce

Integris production facilities in Denmark have increased the number of employees due to a high demand for ballistic products.

8 June 2024

Integris Engage

Integris Engage: Enhancing Ballistic Protection with Early Involvement and On-Site Collaboration

7 June 2024

Integris commitment to ESG and employee well-being

Integris is dedicated to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, with a strong focus on protecting the environment, ensuring employee safety, and promoting ethical governance.

6 June 2024

Integris ballistic production in Denmark

Integris production capabilities in Denmark. Integris Composites leading the way in Danish ballistic protection production

6 June 2024

3D Measurement Technology

Integris Composites Advancing Ballistic Protection Production with 3D Measurement Technology

16 April 2024


Integris has achieved Cyber essentials Plus for the EMEA region which is an important milestone in cybersecurity for the company.

19 March 2024

Design Your Own Shield

Customise a ballistic shield based on your mission requirements. This empowers police and military units to take control of their safety and create a ballistic shield tailored to their mission requirements.

6 March 2024

Five top trends in military armor

Speaking at a two-day conference devoted to the future of indirect fires, Integris Composites outlined five major trends in military armor.

4 March 2024

Integris Composites at EnforceTac in Nuremberg Germany

Integris Composites successfully attended the recent EnforceTac Strategic Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany. The event is an opportunity for professionals from government agencies with security responsibilities and the armed forces, to see what systems and solutions are available for their needs.

15 November 2023

Integris Composites is proud to support the Police Nationale at Musée Grévin exhibit.

Musée Grévin, the famous wax museum in Paris, recently unveiled RAID operators as part of their celebrities and heroes on display. As the manufacturer of the real ballistic shields, Integris Composites was asked to fabricate a replica shield - to be visually identical to the real shields - and we were honored to answer the call. Our expert colleagues in design and production fabricated this replica shield using all the same materials on the exterior, with alternative non-ballistic materials on the inside.

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