A word from the CEO of TenCate Advanced Armor

January 22, 2020
Welcome to a new decade!

We finished the last decade in great shape. At the beginning of 2020 we are engaged with more customers than ever, supplying more programs than ever, and offering a wider portfolio of protection products than ever before.

Therefore, we are looking at 2020 with optimism, and we are committed to grow our reach and market share, grow our portfolio, but most importantly to grow our customer relationships even stronger in the years to come.

We are investing in several new technology development initiatives, making sure that we stay on the forefront of protection technology and material science. We will continue to develop products and technologies to counter the ever-evolving threat scenarios facing our military and law enforcement personnel in conflict areas. That is our mission and purpose.

At the core of our business model is the trusting, long-term, working relationship between our customers and our experienced project management staff. A relationship between people. This relationship is the foundation and the key to a successful overall project delivery.

We strive for excellence in technology development, in our project management, and in product quality and delivery. That is the TenCate way of working!

Thank you for your business!

Steen Tanderup