Integris has recently expanded its workforce significantly, adding new staff in both management and production roles.

7th June 2024

Integris, a leading manufacturer in the ballistics industry, is expanding its workforce at its Danish production facilities to meet the increasing demand for its products. The company has established specialized management positions and expanded its blue-collar workforce by 23 additional employees over the past nine months.

To streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency, Integris has introduced new management positions. Morten Michaelsen has been appointed as Operations Director, Frank Kristensen as IT Manager, and Stine Bech Aakerlund as Continuous Improvement Manager. These roles are aimed at optimizing production processes and ensuring smooth operations.

Integris Denmark new employees

From left to right: Stefan Viernes Olsen, Jeanette Schmidt Vogt, Matthias Grell, Tina Østerbye Hansen, Stine Bech Aakerlund, Oliver Haagaard, Lasse Nielsen, Frank Kristensen

Additionally, the company has strengthened its team with several extra resources. Stefan Viernes Olsen has joined in quality inspection, Jeanette Schmidt Vogt as Project Coordinator, and Oliver Haagaard as Senior Design Engineer. These hires are intended to bolster various departments and support the company's growing activities.

Oliver Haagaard has returned to Integris after being away from the company for the past seven years.

He states:

- "The primary reason for my return to Integris is my belief in the importance of investing my time and skills in meaningful work, especially given the current global climate. Coming back to Integris feels like returning to a place where I grew up professionally. I started as an intern and left as a seasoned engineer. Now, I have the opportunity to bring back the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years."

Integris has also filled two replacement positions in project management with Matthias Grell and Lasse Nielsen, ensuring that ongoing and new projects are managed effectively.

This expansion reflects Integris' commitment to maintaining high standards and meeting the increasing demand for ballistic protection products.