Integris is excited to announce the strategic appointments of David Bianchini and Dr. Matthew Beaumont, who will significantly bolster the company’s EMEA research and development (R&D) efforts. These seasoned professionals bring extensive experience and expertise, ensuring a bright future for Integris' innovation and growth.

4th July 2024

Bianchini, a ballistic development expert with over 20 years of experience, has rejoined Integris. His career includes a decade with Integris, followed by ten years with a competitor, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Bianchini's profound knowledge of ballistic products, including fibers, production, and testing, makes him an invaluable asset. His familiarity with suppliers and customers further enhances his ability to drive the company’s ballistic development forward.

Jan Grimberg, SVP Sales & Marketing EMEA, commented on the new appointment:

“We are thrilled to welcome both Mr. David Bianchini and Dr. Beaumont to our team. Their combined expertise and leadership will undoubtedly strengthen our R&D capabilities and drive forward our mission of innovation and excellence; and ensure the continued successful growth of the company across segments and geographies."

Dr. Matthew Beamont, the new Head of Research and Development, will manage Bianchini. With a background in aerospace engineering, Dr. Beaumont brings a unique set of skills to the table. His expertise in composite structures, material science, and dynamic impact modeling will be instrumental in advancing Integris’ R&D initiatives. Dr. Beaumont’s international experience and bilingual proficiency (English and German) enable him to effectively manage a diverse team across multiple countries, including Denmark, the Netherlands, and France.

Dr. Matthew Beaumont and Helle Specht
Dr. Matthew Beaumont and Helle Specht

The synergy between Bianchini and Dr. Beaumont is expected to create a robust R&D team. Dr. Beaumont will lead the team in modeling, construction, and design, incorporating simulation to enhance product development. His experience in aerospace will introduce new products to Integris’ portfolio, such as advanced aerospace casings, RPG protection like bar armor, and innovative 3D-shaped GRP products that exceed standard ballistic performance.

Dr. Beaumont will oversee the French shooting range and its technicians, as well as the ballistic R&D personnel in Denmark and France. His leadership will be complemented by Sean Bugles, managing the team in the Netherlands. Together, this international and experienced management team will ensure effective collaboration and innovation across Integris’ global R&D efforts.

Helle Specht, Director R&D and QHS EMEA/Managing Director Denmark added:

“The appointments of David and Dr. Beamont mark a significant milestone for Integris. Their wealth of knowledge and experience will be crucial in advancing our research and development efforts and achieving our strategic objectives.”

Beaumont team: Jakob Bøgholm, Dr.Matthew Beaumont, Oliver Haagaard, Piotr Tomaszewski
Beaumont team: Jakob Bøgholm, Dr.Matthew Beaumont, Oliver Haagaard, Piotr Tomaszewski. Not in the picture, Pauline Respaud and Jean Beugels

Integris is not solely focused on ballistic development but also on design and modeling. The combined efforts of David and Dr. Beaumont are expected to drive a significant transformation within the R&D department. Their partnership represents a strategic step forward for Integris, promising enhanced innovation, efficiency, and growth in the company’s future.