The River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels are capable ships

TenCate Advanced Armor completes installation task on River Class Batch 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels

January 22, 2020

TenCate Advanced Armor recently completed the installation of a protective armor solution developed for BAE Systems for the River Class Batch 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs), demonstrating TenCate Advanced Armor’s capability to integrate, manufacture, and install the protection solution in a leaner setup than has previously been achieved. TenCate Advanced Armor only recently included installation as part of the services that can be included under our project management portfolio. Completing the installation on the OPVs is a major achievement for TenCate Advanced Armor’s project team and armor installation can now become part of the standard package TenCate Advanced Armor will offer to ship yards when they inquire for armor solutions.

The River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels are capable ships able to perform a multitude of tasks for the Royal Navy such as search and rescue, customs inspection, and anti-piracy operations. The River Class comprises seven ships in active service with two additional vessels still in manufacture.

TenCate Advanced Armor has provided protection solutions for several prominent ship classes including the Danish Absalon-class support ships and Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates along with the Swedish Visby-class corvettes and the British Type 45 destroyers. TenCate Advanced Armor specializes in composite armor solutions. Composite solutions are significantly lighter than conventional steels solutions and exceeds steel’s performance in anti-ballistic applications. The light weight means that ships fitted with composite armor can achieve more action range, more maneuverability, and can carry more systems than ships fitted with steel solutions. TenCate Advanced Armor has developed a wide portfolio of composite armor systems for naval applications to accommodate the anti-ballistic and environmental requirements relevant for naval armor solutions.

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