Integris Tactical Shields: Your Protection in Your Hands


Precision and safety take precedence above all. Introducing Integris Tactical Shields – a premier solution carefully designed for law enforcement professionals, SWAT teams, and elite entry operators. Our advanced shields offer a lightweight, reliable, and adaptable approach to ensure protection and confidence in the most demanding environments.

Integris Tactical Shields redefine lightweight design without compromising protection. Crafted with state-of-the-art materials and expert engineering, these ballistic shields deliver exceptional resilience while maintaining ease of use. Whether you are an experienced SWAT operator or a dedicated entry team member, you can rely on the strength and ballistic capabilities of our shields during critical operations.

From SWAT missions to critical entry operations, Integris Tactical Shields stand as the optimal choice for those who prioritize top-tier protection, adaptability, and solid reliability. protection is paramount, but confidence is quintessential. Choose Integris – where your protection is our steadfast commitment.

Unparalleled Protection for High-Risk Missions

In high-risk missions, there is no margin for error. This is why Integris Tactical Shields provide unmatched protection. Engineered to withstand a variety of threats, these shields provide high levels of protection against projectiles and impacts. When lives are at stake, our shields serve as the barrier, instilling the confidence needed to confront the most challenging situations head-on.

Customization for Tactical Advantage

Every mission has its own unique demands. That’s why Integris Tactical Shields are designed for adaptability. With the capacity to integrate lights, communication devices, and other equipment, these shields can be tailored to align with your mission's specifications. Ensure clear visibility during low-light operations, elevate communication, and seamlessly adjust your gear as circumstances evolve.

Meeting Stringent NIJ and VPAM Standards

Integris Tactical Shields embody reliability. Meeting the stringent standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), our shields guarantee a proven level of protection that you can confidently rely upon. Whether facing ballistic threats or hazardous situations, our shields consistently deliver, ensuring the protection of every operator in the field.

Why Choose Integris Tactical Shields

Designed for Professionals

Crafted with insights from tactical experts, Integris Tactical Shields align seamlessly with the needs of professional operators.

Operator-Centric Approach

Designed with operators in mind, our shields are built for intuitive use, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Purposeful Portability

The lightweight construction empowers operators to maneuver adeptly without interference.

Enhancing Tactical Edge

By incorporating lights and equipment, you can personalize your shield, ensuring readiness in tactical situations.

NIJ-Certified Assurance

Our shields' adherence to NIJ standards assures unwavering protection that can be relied upon consistently.

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