Integris ABDS is an active blast mitigation system that suppresses vehicle flight caused by IED and mine blasts and significantly increases the protection of occupants.


Integris ABDS™ represents a dramatic improvement over existing passive armor underbody protection systems. ABDS is an active system that evaluates a threat and responds accordingly. It’s a cost-effective solution that is highly adaptive and scalable to a range of platforms and ever-increasing threats. ABDS is easily integrated or retrofitted onto existing vehicles and demands little power, weight, or space on already overburdened vehicles.

The Integris ABDS active blast countermeasure system can effectively mitigate the devastating effects of large IED blasts by defeating the acceleration of the vehicle and the vehicle structure. The transfer of blast energy to the occupants is managed to effectively reduce or eliminate destructive physical injuries.

Recent testing, completed on fully instrumented vehicles, successfully incorporated the Trigger and Activation System (TAS), designed exclusively for the Integris ABDS™ active blast countermeasure system. Reacting to an authentic blast event, TAS provides a stable, secure, high speed, automated fire command to actuate the proprietary countermeasures and yield a precise programmed structural and biomechanical response mode.

Integris ABDS active blast countermeasure system acknowledges both STANAG 4569 AEP-55 Vol. 2 and specifications for larger country specific threats as well as the new STANAG 4569 at classified threat levels.

Designed to detect and defend.

ABDS Sentinel X for Active Blast Mitigation effectively neutralizes the injurious and deadly effects of launch acceleration, violent flight, brutal slam down and post event ambush exposure by utilizing "recoil" to counter the forces generated by the blast. The injuries associated with launch, flight and slam-down never happen because ABDS prevents the launch from happening.

ABDS accomplishes this feat using a basic law of physics known as "conservation of momentum.” Central to the success of the Integris System are ultra-fast, proprietary ABDS sensors that detect blast impulse forces and relay large volumes of high-quality data fast enough to confirm the authenticity of a threat, calculate a solution, and command and control trigger a counter-response before destructive blast impulse energy can reach the mounted crew.


Proven threat protection.

The ABDS Sentinel X system has the proven ability to enhance survivability on all blast resistant vehicle platforms by reducing the transfer of blast impulse energy to the occupants.

Full scale live-fire blast testing with instrumented Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) repeatedly confirms significantly improved (30-80%) threat protection in common human injury areas such as the lower extremities, lumbar, spine, neck, and head.

ABDS Sentinel X also enhances the performance of existing blast protection equipment such as energy absorbing flooring, seats and harnesses.

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