Pioneering vehicle armor survivability solutions for a new generation of armored platforms.


Integris Composites develops, manufactures, and integrates full vehicle protection suites based on Add-On Armor and Spall Liners. Fueled by a relentless dedication to engineering innovation and propelled by cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, these armor solutions stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unmatched protection in full accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 requirements.

At the core of our approach lies a profound emphasis on engineering excellence. Our accomplished team of experts synergizes advanced simulation tools, analytical prowess, and deep industry experience to craft armor solutions that offer optimal defense without compromising the innate performance of IFVs. Each solution is tailored to address specific threats and operational nuances, creating a suite that protects both personnel and equipment.

Real-world solutions for real-world threats.

The intersection of engineering innovation and manufacturing skill is where Integris Composites excel. Our specialized manufacturing capabilities transform intricate engineering concepts into tangible armor solutions. The result is a harmonious fusion of engineering and manufacturing finesse, yielding custom armor modules that seamlessly integrate with IFVs, APCs, and other platforms that require high levels of protection and mobility. Lightweight composite and ceramic technologies lie at the heart of these modules, reducing weight while enhancing defense capabilities. This material advantage ensures that platforms retain their agility and maneuverability, even in the face of modern threats.

Our armor solutions go beyond mere products; they are developed to mitigate a wide array of contemporary battlefield threats. By meeting and exceeding NATO STANAG 4569 requirements, our armor solutions offer a tested and proven level of protection across a spectrum of ballistic and blast scenarios. Integris Composites' dedication to protection innovation is highlighted by our relentless pursuit of lightweight yet robust composite and ceramic technologies.

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