We can provide blast protection kits for vehicles that increase the resistance against mines, road side bombs, and IEDs.


With the use of special materials and complex shapes, vehicle bellies and wheel arches can be protected against the threat posed by IEDs and anti-vehicle landmines. The vehicle armor solutions offered by Integris can be designed and produced to increase the level of protection at specific areas or parts to retain mission ability. Integris also provide complete solutions to provide protection for the whole vehicle and the occupants inside.

The blast and mine armor systems provided by Integris can be provided with full integration into OEM designs or as retro-fit application.

    Reinforcing vehicle structures

    We can provide a range of solutions designed to reinforce vehicle structures. These solutions can be fitted on existing vehicles, or alternatively they can be integrated into the production of new vehicles from the conception stage.

    Our mine protection solutions allow to mitigate the intensity of the shock wave transmitted to the vehicle to be diminished, thus ensuring:

    • The integrity of the weak areas that can fail upon blast
    • A lower and more steady deflection of the vehicles floor or sides
    • An increased resistance to the mines generating fragments

    Real world references

    Our mine protection solutions have had their suitability and effectiveness proven on actual vehicle blast tests on several vehicles including several lightweight vehicles. The solution has allowed for the vehicles to reach the STANAG 4569 AEP-55 level 2A certification. Our mine protection solutions are now integrated into the specific serial production of many of the vehicles.

    Following an increased demand to protect personnel, vehicles and equipment from the threat of IEDs the vehicles has been deployed to several conflict zones. Over 600 vehicles are now in service.


    Integris mine protection solutions have been developed through intensive laboratory dynamic screening and scale blast tests, conducted in collaboration with recognized institutes.

    Technical data is available on request, including deflection, accelerations, chest wall velocity and dynamic response index on seats.

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