Integris Composites plays a pivotal role in retrofit armor initiatives through our expertise in engineering and advanced materials.


Retrofit armor for helicopters enhances their survivability and operational effectiveness in contemporary combat scenarios. As older helicopter models might lack adequate protection against evolving threats, retrofit armor solutions becomes crucial to ensure the safety of crew members and the aircraft. Retrofitting adds advanced armor solutions to existing helicopters, reinforcing their ability to withstand ballistic impacts, shrapnel, and other hazards.

Integris Composites plays a pivotal role in retrofit armor initiatives through our expertise in engineering and advanced materials.

We tailor armor solutions to specific aircraft types, seamlessly integrating retrofit packages with helicopters. This customization ensures the added armor doesn't compromise the helicopter's performance or balance.


By leveraging our expertise in engineering, advanced materials, and collaboration, Integris Composites contributes significantly to retrofit armor solutions for helicopters. This, in turn, enhances the helicopters' capabilities to operate in demanding, high-threat environments, extending their operational lifespan and ensuring the safety of personnel on board.

Advanced Materials

Our arsenal of advanced ceramics, composite materials, and lightweight ballistic fabrics provides enhanced protection with minimal weight addition. This is crucial for helicopters, as any increase in weight could impact flight dynamics.

Structural Integration

Retrofitting armor demands a deep understanding of the helicopter's structure. Integris Composites' engineers collaborate with helicopter manufacturers to ensure the armor integrates seemlessly with the existing design, maintaining the aircraft's integrity.

Certification and Compliance

Retrofit armor solutions adhere to stringent industry and safety standards. Integris Composites' rigorous testing and certification processes ensure our armor solutions meet the necessary criteria for optimal protection and performance.

Innovation in Design

Our innovation in modular armor systems simplifies retrofitting. By offering adaptable components that can be integrated into diverse helicopter configurations, Integris Composites streamlines the retrofit process.


Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with defense contractors, helicopter manufacturers, and military bodies, addressing the unique challenges of each retrofit project. This collaborative effort ensures the retrofit armor is well-suited to specific operational needs.

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