Retain speed and agility with lightweight armor solutions.


Crew boats, patrol boats and other small craft have traditionally used their speed and agility to avoid confrontations or catch up on adversaries. Heavy armor solutions have either added weight to the vessel and degraded performance or alternatively meant less capability to carry payload, armaments, crew or equipment.

Composite armor kits enable small crafts to obtain a high level of ballistic protection without sacrificing speed or agility. Actually, our protection solutions are more than 50% lighter than equivalent steel-based solutions. This means that crafts will still be able to utilize the speed and agility to their advantage even with a ballistic solution integrated on the vessel. The small craft will be a more versatile and safer platform for all intended uses.

Integris is an experienced provider of composite armor solutions with more than 20 years of experience in developing, integrating, and manufacturing composite armor kits for crew boats, patrol boats, rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs), and other small craft in all parts of the world. We provide integrated stand-alone solutions developed to NATO STANAG 4569 level 1 to 3 ballistic requirements or solutions tailored to customer requirements. The solutions are scalable to platform and requirement. We have also developed and adapted them to the maritime environment (saltwater etc) and the kits are resistant to ordinary types of chemicals, fluids, fire, UV light, shock and vibrations.

We offer the protection kits as ready-to-install solutions and our local office can support you with all technical aspects to fast track the delivery of the armor kit.



We have the capability to quickly design, manufacture and deliver protection kits to your specifications. The armor panels will be ready to be installed.


We are a global company with local presence and experience in order to care for the local requirements and be available with short notice. We have a dedicated team based in Singapore to support our partners in Asia Pacific.


Armor panels are delivered ready-to-install and in most cases integration only require a minimum of interfaces and limited preparation time.


Our durable armor panels are made from lightweight composite materials that are significantly lighter than comparable metallic solutions. We are generally less than half the weight of metallic solutions.


We have an industry leading liability insurance for the unthinkable event that our armor panel will not meet the ballistic or environmental requirements. The cover is valid throughout the Service Life.

Ballistic Performance

Composite armor solutions are significantly lighter than equivalent steel solutions. The below table is a comparison based on commercially available steel solutions and our lightweight composite armor. Metallic solutions also create additional threats from spall in the event of being hit by an overmatch threat.

Due to the sensitive commercial value of the weight for our armor solutions, we cannot reveal the precise value here. For more concise information on our solutions, please contact your local Integris representative.

Steel Armor Composite Armor Weight Saving
AD (kg/m2) AD (kg/m2)
NIJ III + 7.62x39 MSC 51kg <20kg 61%
NATO STANAG 4569 level 1 71kg <35kg 53%
NATO STANAG 4569 level 2 94kg <40kg 57%
NATO STANAG 4569 level 3 173kg <70kg 60%

Reference Projects


Kits for protection of crew cabin and cockpit in STANAG 4569 levels 2 to 3


Lightweight NIJ III + 7.62x39 MSC protection solution for cabin area


NIJ III + 7.62x39 MSC protection for wheelhouse and Integris Tactical Naval Shields fore and aft


Pontoon panels and stand-alone kit in NIJ III + 5.56x45 for steering house

Technical support and integration management

Ballistic protection is not only about adding armor panels to the craft. We take due care to optimize the protection kit to your platform to ensure you get the most out of the vessel.

We need information about the vessel to adapt and integrate the composite protection kit in a way that complements the performance of the craft, while being easy to install. Drawings of the vessel can be essential for us to provide composite protection kits that fit nicely and avoid ballistic gaps. If drawings are not available, we can do a 3D scan of the craft and digitalize it for further work.

We also have the capability to provide technical support from the initial phase of the project if you need consultancy or support on survivability related aspects. We have vast experience in testing and certifying solutions in accordance with ballistic, environmental or other test standards.

Integris Tactical Naval Shield

Integris provides an easy-to-assemble ballistic shield for small caliber gun mounts. The naval shield is designed to be deployable within minutes and with a flexible design that can cover various angles and areas. The naval shield attaches to the floor/deck using an adaptor plate, which can be modified to suit existing configurations.

All panels and the frame system are standardized to ensure minimal spares and maximum flexibility. The ballistic panels are designed to be easily maintained at sea with little training. Armou solutions certified in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 Level 1-3 or NIJ level III-IV can be incorporated into the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution.


Height 104 cm / 40.94 in (Customizable if required)
Protection Level NATO STANAG 4569 Level 1-3 or NIJ Level III-IV
Set Up/Removal Time <15 minutes

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