We don't build space age products. They're more advanced than that.


We fully understand the value of lighter and better protection. We have made it our business to be the leader in this field. We hold the technology and materials we create to the highest standards, knowing they must be to save lives. We are here to design, engineer, and manufacture the highest-performing, fit-for-purpose armor and survivability solutions.

We operate three manufacturing hubs; two in Europe and one in the US. These centers focus of technical innovation, development and evaluation of the latest solutions, environmental testing, manufacturing methods and product certifications. Our R&D centers of excellence are at the forefront on material science simulations application development. All materials are sourced from leading global materials suppliers.

Each project has a dedicated team with subject experience to support from beginning to end. Our experts have extensive experience in ballistic threats, design, fit and application.

In-house Manufacturing Equipment & Expertise

High-pressure Pressing

3D Quality Control

Stocking Units (VSU) for High Inventory Control

Automation plants in EMEA for Ceramic Layup (Pick and Place)

CNC Autoclaving

CNC Internal Mold Design
CNC Material Profiling fibers and aramids single ply to multiple ply capabilityCNC Machining and prototyping capability internal mold design 3X 5XCNC Machining centers design and production of molds and production tooling

3D Printing

Testing according to a variety of MIL, DEF, ISO and DIN Standards

Simulation Software


Vehicle Systems

Stronger armored vehicles start with stronger parts.

Naval Systems

Building lightweight, modular armor for all sizes of naval platforms.

Aerospace Systems

Advanced aerospace solutions. Not even the sky is a limit.

Personal Protection

Armor plates for superior protection.

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