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Naval engineering and installation demands a profound understanding of precision, innovation, and integration. Welcome to a world where every contour and detail of naval vessels is meticulously captured through advanced 3D scanning technology. These scans generate virtual 3D models that serve as the bedrock of our innovative protection solutions. Our mission is clear: to engineer maritime protection solutions that set new standards for naval vessels' protection and performance.

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Precision Engineering

At the heart of our approach lies precision engineering. We have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of naval vessels and naval engineering, employing state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to capture every contour and detail.

Templating Redefined

Templating is where the virtual meets reality. Our engineering experts take the 3D model and transform it into tangible protection solutions that integrate with the vessel's existing architecture. This is the initial step for our modular panels – which then proceed to be manufactured in one of our composite manufacturing facilities. produced from advanced composites, ceramics, and metals, these panels offer a harmonious blend of robust protection and weight efficiency, a vital balance in naval operations.

Harmonious Installation

Our work extends beyond design. We manage the meticulous installation of each panel, ensuring it finds its rightful place while preserving the vessel's structural integrity. The installation process requires significant precision and project management capability, and Integris Composites have a dedicated department which have undergone specialized training to support shipyards and operators in the installation of the armour solution.

Comprehensive Solutions

But our commitment doesn't stop at installation. We engineer holistic solutions, managing the entire journey from procurement to certification. Shipbuilders can entrust us with the intricacies of sourcing and certifying complete protection systems, allowing them to concentrate on their craft while we manage the survivability aspect across the process. We can even serve as a long-term partner for life-cycle management.


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