Integris has achieved an important milestone for cyber security.

16th April 2024

Cyber Essentials Plus is a certification scheme originating from the United Kingdom, serves as a testament to an organization's fortified defenses against cyber threats. Endorsed by the UK government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this certification underscores Integris Composites' dedication to safeguarding its digital assets.

Integris focus on cybersecurity

With an emphasis on robust information security practices, Cyber Essentials Plus necessitates organizations to adhere to stringent guidelines, ensuring the adoption of proactive measures against cyber vulnerabilities.

For Integris Composites, which has many significant customers in the United Kingdom, this certification is essential to facilitate smooth business operations within the country's jurisdiction. While our UK site has held this certification for five years and Denmark joined the ranks last year, the ambitious goal for 2024 was to extend this certification across the entire EMEA region, a goal that has now been achieved.

"Achieving this certification is crucial, ensuring that our business across these diverse markets adheres to high standards of security. This is essential for maintaining trust with our clients and partners." states Quentin Godet, IT Manager EMEA.

As Integris Composites continues to prioritize cybersecurity excellence, this milestone serves as a testament to its unwavering dedication to fortifying digital resilience and ensuring the highest standards of data protection across the EMEA region and beyond.

Integris Cybersecurity
Integris Cybersecurity