Integris stands out as a full-service ballistics supplier, offering comprehensive solutions from project inception to final installation.

7th June 2024

Integris stands out as a full-service ballistics supplier, offering comprehensive solutions from project inception to final installation. Their robust capabilities include simulation, production, and mounting, making them a top choice in the ballistic protection industry. Integris’ production processes are designed and delivered in accordance with ISO 9001, EN 9100, and AQAP 2110 quality management systems, ensuring high standards and reliability.

Integris' holistic approach and extensive capabilities place them in the top three providers in their field, both in size and capability. This collaboration with their French counterparts enhances their capacity and capabilities. The partnership allows for seamless production and delivery, even when one facility reaches its capacity limits.

"Our ability to rapidly increase capacity and adapt to project demands is a significant advantage for our customers," says Morten Michaelsen, Operations Director - Denmark. "Such flexibility ensures that we can handle large projects efficiently and deliver high-quality products on time."

Danish Ballistic Production

One of the unique aspects of Integris Composites' production process is the use of autoclaves and ovens, which enable advanced designs, higher quality, and faster production times compared to traditional presses. The system is particularly beneficial for shaped panels.

The integration of advanced machinery, such as a new cutting table with a spreader, enhances their ability to produce thicker materials quickly and efficiently. The upgrade has significantly increased their production capacity and capability, allowing them to meet high demand with greater flexibility.

Over the past year, Integris has demonstrated remarkable growth and flexibility. From November 2022 to autumn 2023, the company expanded its production team from 22 to 70 employees and achieved a 45% increase in turnover. This rapid expansion highlights their ability to scale operations quickly to meet customer needs.

Furthermore, the Danish workforce's adaptability allows Integris to manage project-based labor demands efficiently, bringing in temporary workers for large projects. This adaptability is a significant advantage in maintaining operational efficiency and meeting project deadlines.

Danish Ballistic production

Integris also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and employee welfare. They are committed to reusing waste materials whenever possible and ensuring a safe working environment. Their focus on worker safety and long-term health ensures that employees can work without risk of injury, fostering a secure and productive workplace.

"We are committed to not only delivering premium products but also to ensuring a safe and sustainable working environment for our employees," Michaelsen adds. "Our efforts in these areas are key to our long-term success and industry leadership."

Integris Composites excels in providing high-quality ballistic protection solutions through a combination of advanced production techniques, flexible workforce management, and a strong commitment to sustainability and worker safety. Their ability to adapt and grow rapidly, coupled with their holistic approach to production, makes them a leader in the industry.