This customer-centric approach empowers users to design a shield tailored to their specific needs.

19th March 2024

Ballistic shields, also known as bunker shields and ballistic blankets, are used when armed resistance is expected. They are specifically designed to stop bullets and dangerous projectiles. SWAT, special operations use these personal shields (if carried by hand) and mobile personnel shields (if they come with wheels), and emergency response teams worldwide to help neutralize threats quickly. Such situations include high-risk search warrants, raids on drug houses, and active shooter, among many others.

Ballistic shield design has evolved significantly to meet the demands of specific situations. Unlike riot shields (which are clear), traditional ballistic shields are often black, rectangular, and may include a viewport. However, a wide range of new designs have emerged in the last two decades. Each shield offers distinct advantages and drawbacks, so police and military units must carefully assess their needs, likely threats, and expected usage when making a selection.

Integris "Design Your Own Shield" concept

Integris introduces a concept called "Design Your Own Shield" which empowers police and military units to take control of their safety and create a ballistic shield tailored to their mission requirements. The Make Your Shield program allows the client to define every aspect, from the protective shape to the ergonomic handle design, ensuring optimal weight distribution for maximum maneuverability in threatening situations.

“Bespoke solutions are nothing new for Integris Composites, but in the past, small-quantity, custom shield orders had to contend with the entire industry’s inherent need to tailor-make molds for every version—cost prohibitive for small orders,” said James Williamson, Integris Composite’s sales manager for France, Spain and Portugal.

This user-driven approach means these customized ballistic shields will not only deflect bullets and other projectiles but also seamlessly integrate with a police or military unit's operational needs.

How It Works

Clients collaborate with Integris where they define their requirements which include:

  • Shape: Unique shapes based on operational requirements
  • Handle: Ergonomic designs, optimized for comfort and control
  • Weight: Optimal weight for mission requirements

Once this is received, Integris guides the process offering expertise on protection levels including NIJ III+ or IV solutions, ceramic/HPPE options, and flat or curved designs for enhanced protection.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) categorizes ballistic protection into levels. It's crucial to understand these differences:

Level II
: Stops common handgun rounds (9mm, .45 ACP, etc.). Can use soft armor.
Level IIIA
: Protects against most handguns (up to .44 magnum), submachine gun rounds, and shotgun slugs. Can use soft or hard armor.
Level III
: Hard armor designed to stop rifle rounds (7.62mm FMJ).
Level IV
: Stops armor-piercing rifle threats.

        All Make Your Shields feature Integris' signature Rosist finish for maximum durability.

        Trade Show Success and Future Development

        Unveiled at Milipol 2023 and Enforcetac 2024, the Design Your Own Shield concept sparked a great deal of interest, particularly in handle customization. As a result, Integris is now developing handle prototypes for client testing.

        The materials under consideration include aluminum, steel and aramid-reinforced ABS. 3D printed examples are also available for ergonomic trials only – these have never been tested in the field.

        The Future of Ballistic Protection

        The Design Your Own Shield program demonstrates Integris' commitment to user-driven innovation. By blending customization with proven technology, Integris aims to set a new standard in personalized safety solutions.

        For more information about Make Your Shield, please contact us here.