Integris is dedicated to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

7th June 2024

Integris is dedicated to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, with a strong focus on protecting the environment, ensuring employee safety, and promoting ethical governance. Their comprehensive policies and initiatives underscore their commitment to these areas.

Environmental Policy

Integris has implemented an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. This standard guides their efforts in reducing CO2 emissions, managing waste, and promoting recycling and upcycling. The company has taken significant steps towards CO2 awareness and reduction. However, data analysis reveals that while global CO2 emissions have increased due to expansion and higher detail levels in reporting, initiatives in the EMEA region have led to reduced CO2 footprints from power consumption due to sustainable energy sources. Recycling programs for materials like aramid and HPPE have also been initiated, highlighting their dedication to waste management.

"At Integris, we understand that true sustainability requires a holistic approach. From implementing ISO 14001 standards to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, our efforts are aimed at creating lasting positive impacts. Our recent ECOVADIS assessment underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and transparency in all aspects of ESG." states Helle Specht, Chief Sustainability Officer

Integris ESG

Health & Safety Policy

Health and safety (H&S) are paramount at Integris. They have established H&S committees and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and improve workplace safety. Regular employee satisfaction surveys and internal safety audits are conducted to assess and enhance the working environment. The company also focuses on social performance metrics, including absenteeism, employee satisfaction, retention, and seniority, to ensure a healthy and productive work environment.

IT & Data Security Policy

Integris prioritizes IT and data security through policies and training programs. Employees undergo Integris Code of Conduct training, and the company has achieved Cyber Essential certifications in Denmark and France. Project and site-based risk management practices are in place to mitigate potential risks. The financial delegation of authorities and supplier codes of conduct are also established to ensure ethical and secure operations.

Social Performance

The social aspect of ESG at Integris encompasses various initiatives aimed at improving the work environment and promoting diversity. The company tracks metrics like absenteeism, health and safety incidents, employee satisfaction, appraisals, retention, and seniority. There is a strong focus on diversity, with efforts to improve ethnic and gender diversity, though challenges remain at the management level and in addressing incidents of discrimination.

Training is another critical area, with a commitment to providing training hours per employee to foster continuous learning and development. The pay gap between genders is monitored to ensure fair compensation practices.

Integris ESG


Integris's governance framework is built on robust policies and certifications. The IT & Data Security Policy is signed by all employees, and the company maintains Cyber Essential certifications. Governance practices include the financial delegation of authorities and limited but developing suppliers' codes of conduct. The company monitors the number and severity of lawsuits to maintain a transparent and ethical business environment.

ESG 3rd Party Assessment

In November 2023, Integris underwent an ESG assessment by ECOVADIS, achieving a certification valid until November 2024. The company is within the 70th percentile of all ECOVADIS assessments, with a strong focus on sustainable procurement and transportation emissions. The assessment highlights the need for more data from the USA to complement the EMEA-driven initiatives.

"Our commitment to ESG principles is not just a strategic imperative but a core value at Integris. We believe that by reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing employee safety, and maintaining strong governance, we are not only securing the future of our business but also contributing to the well-being of our planet and communities." states Helle Specht, Chief Sustainability Officer

Integris is steadfast in its commitment to ESG principles, with continuous efforts to improve environmental performance, ensure employee safety, and uphold strong governance practices. Through ongoing assessments and transparent reporting, Integris aims to achieve sustainable growth and contribute positively to society and the environment.