This customer-centric on-site approach delivers a seamless project management process.

7th June 2024

“Integris Engage”: Enhancing Ballistic Protection with Early Involvement and On-Site Collaboration

Integris Composites is pioneering a new approach in the development and delivery of ballistic protection products by engaging closely with customers from the outset of their projects. This strategy is called “Integris Engage” and it involves integrating their expertise directly into the customers' design processes, often positioning their engineers on-site to ensure seamless collaboration and optimal outcomes.

Integris on-site engineers

Early Involvement and Consultancy Approach

Traditionally, ballistic protection solutions have been developed based on specifications provided late in the design process, often leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal solutions. Recognizing the limitations of this approach, Integris has shifted towards acting as consultants from the very beginning of a project. This proactive involvement allows Integris to help shape the design and systems, ensuring that the final products and services are not only effective but also efficiently integrated into the customers' systems.

Sven Døfler Poulsen, Senior Design & Application Engineer at Integris, highlights the benefits of this new approach:

"By engaging early in the design process, we can optimize the entire development cycle. This means we can deliver better protection solutions that are lighter, more effective, and seamlessly integrated into the customer's platform."

On-Site Collaboration for Seamless Processes

To facilitate this level of collaboration, Integris often locates its project management engineers at the customer's facilities. This on-site presence ensures that any issues can be addressed immediately and that the design and production processes remain aligned. By being physically present, Integris engineers can work directly with the customer's team, providing real-time feedback and adjustments to designs as needed.

This method not only fosters better communication but also significantly reduces the time and costs associated with project revisions. The proximity allows for rapid prototyping and testing, ensuring that the solutions developed are precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Integris Engage Engineer

Optimizing Design and Performance

The early involvement of Integris engineers allows for a comprehensive understanding of the customer's needs and constraints. This deep integration into the design phase enables the development of ballistic protection solutions that are not only high-performing but also optimized for weight and cost efficiency. For military vehicles and ships, this can translate into better mobility, enhanced protection levels, and improved overall performance.

Integris Composites is revolutionizing the development of ballistic protection products by closely involving themselves with customers from the very start of the design process. This innovative strategy underscores Integris's commitment to delivering superior protection solutions through close customer partnerships and cutting-edge engineering expertise.

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