TenCate Advanced Armor and KIM Technologies sign partnership to manufacture composite armour systems in Turkey

TenCate Advanced Armor takes significant steps to address localization in Turkey to further support Turkish-based OEMs.

May 9, 2020

TenCate Advanced Armor has finalized an agreement with the Turkey-based manufacturing and technologies company KIM Technologies for local production of composite armor systems. With this partnership, TenCate Advanced Armor is taking significant steps to address the requirements for localization in Turkey to further support Turkish-based OEMs.

“Having a partnership with local Turkish manufacturing is a critical milestone for TenCate Advanced Armor. This will enable us to transfer technology to Turkish OEMs to develop and supply some of the most advanced vehicle platforms within NATO” says Steen Tanderup, CEO of TenCate Advanced Armor. He adds “engaging with the Turkish vehicle OEMs is also important due to Turkey’s requirement for high level protection solutions based on STANAG 4569 specifications, an area in which TenCate Advanced Armor is recognized as a market leader.”

The partnership with KIM Technologies is a good match because of their existing presence in the market as an advanced materials supplier, and the mutual drive to meet and exceed the industry quality and performance criteria requirements.

Murat Sert, General Manager of KIM Technologies comments “producing and supplying advanced STANAG 4569 high level protection solutions in the Turkish market, along with manufacturing and supplying advanced ceramic components for defence allows KIM Technology to take a leading position in the defence market in Turkey. With strong ties to numerous OEMs in Turkey and a partnership with a leading European manufacturer of composite armor technology, KIM Technologies is positioned to be the prime supplier of armor solutions in Turkey.”

As one of the leading composite armor providers, TenCate Advanced Armor already have contracts with local partners supplying the Turkish defence forces. With the local partnership with KIM Technologies, TenCate Advanced Armor takes a significant step in completing one of the key requirements of the Turkish government for local content to support the native industrial base of Turkey.

TenCate Advanced Armor provides survivability systems to OEMs and for large multi-year government programmes, uniquely designed for personal protection, land systems, watercraft, and aviation platforms. for military and law enforcement.

KIM Technologies is a privately owned company, highly R&D oriented and focused on creating new materials for open minded business partners that are decisive to provide better solutions for serving human life in various fields such as ballistic protection, sensor solutions, aerospace, and automotive applications.