Integris Shield on Trolleys and Platforms: Make our engineering capability your advantage.


In the realm of tactical operations, precision, adaptability, and protection are paramount. Step into the world of Integris Ballistic Shields on trolleys and autonomous platforms – a solution accurately designed to support SWAT teams and entry operators during operation and in the standoff phase. Our cutting-edge shield systems offer unparalleled convenience, reliability, and tactical versatility, elevating your operational capabilities to unprecedented heights.

From intense SWAT operations to precision entry missions, Integris Shield Systems offer a comprehensive approach that caters to the ever-evolving demands of elite units. Uncompromising protection, unmatched adaptability, and unwavering reliability define our commitment to your success. Choose Integris – where your tactical prowess meets superior equipment, custom-tailored to meet your precise operational needs.

CX-450 TL / K-OPS 450 Overview

CX-500 TL / K-OPS 500 Overview

CX-600 TL / K-OPS 450 Overview

Integris Shield Systems redefine tactical efficiency.

Optimized Efficiency for Tactical Teams

Merging cutting-edge engineering with ergonomic design, these systems provide a seamless blend of portability and robust protection. Whether you're part of a SWAT unit or an elite entry team, our trolley-based shield systems grant unmatched mobility and readiness, enabling you to respond swiftly and confidently to dynamic scenarios.

Strategic Versatility for High-Stakes Missions

In high-stakes missions, adaptability is paramount. Integris Shield Systems offer a tactical advantage like no other. Designed to withstand a range of threats, these systems provide a reliable shield against projectiles and impacts. When every second counts, our shield systems ensure you're equipped with a formidable defense, empowering you to navigate even the most challenging situations with strategic precision.

Every mission presents unique challenges. That's why Integris Shield Systems are built for customization. Whether it's developing shields to required shapes or protection levels, or integrating them onto specialized trolleys or UGV platforms, these systems align with your tactical requirements. Enhance visibility in low-light environments, amplify communication capabilities, and adapt your gear seamlessly as mission dynamics evolve.

Engineered for Elite Units

Integris Shield Systems are engineered with the elite in mind. Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of SWAT teams and entry team operators, these systems encapsulate expertise and excellence. Whether you're navigating complex urban scenarios or responding to critical incidents, our shield systems ensure that you're equipped with a reliable, effective, and operator-focused solution.

Why Choose Integris Shield Systems

Designed for Tactical Mastery

Tailored insights from tactical experts ensure our shield systems align without compromise with the needs of SWAT and entry teams.

Operator-Centric Design

The ergonomic design prioritizes ease of use, allowing operators to adapt swiftly in high-pressure scenarios.

Unmatched Portability

Our systems' mobility grants operators the ability to maneuver efficiently without inconvenience.

Exceptional Adaptability

Our shield systems are built to evolve with your mission requirements, offering tactical versatility that aligns with dynamic scenarios.

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