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The way personal protection is improving gradually shows that there's a bigger demand for really high-performance body armor. In Europe, the military and police are becoming more interested in quality body armor they can rely on. The big challenge is making sure the armor meets all the specific technical requirements and high quality standards.


In the field of personal protection, there's a strong demand for NIJ III+ plates in Europe. The increasing interest in this level of protection has opened up opportunities for providers to offer reliable body armor solutions that meet the necessary standards. The real challenge lies in striking the right balance between the strength of NIJ III and NIJ III+ armor while catering to the specific needs of European organizations.

Moving on to VPAM plates, which are renowned for their stringent criteria, European groups face a complex puzzle. The aim often revolves around finding a solution that combines assuring quality with cost-effectiveness. The question remains: How can we satisfy the need for top-notch ballistic plates without compromising affordability?

Shifting the focus to NIJ 4 plates in Europe, different organizations must uphold commitments to their national partners. These agreements frequently come with demanding requirements, exemplified by the case of NIJ 4 plates in Europe. The task at hand is to comprehend these standards thoroughly and ensure that the procurement process is not only effective but also aligned with the established criteria.

European-Made Plates Overview: VPAM


European-Made Plates Sales Sheet

Integris Composites: The Body Armor EU Gold Standard

Focusing primarily on national armies and soldier modernization, Integris takes a unique approach in Europe. Unlike other places where law enforcement and private users are the main focus, we concentrate on national armies, especially those involved in modernizing soldiers. This approach helps us address the specific needs and challenges of this special group.

Advantages of ITAR-Free European Plates

All our European plates are ITAR-free, which means our EU products aren't restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This allows us to serve broader markets without compliance issues.

Leading the Charge: Europe's Top Armor Provider

Integris is the largest armor provider in Europe, smoothly supporting major army programs. Our exceptional ability to balance quantity, performance, and cost-efficiency makes us a top player. From our European facilities, we supply hard body armor to various countries and significant players in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Embracing Excellence: Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Reinforcing our commitment to excellence, we offer solutions that meet NIJ standards. We're proud of our quick development capabilities, which allow us to adapt designs to national or international test standards. Collaborations with accreditation bodies like VPAM 7-10 and HOSDB certify our solutions, assuring clients of our dedication to quality and innovation.

NIJ III+ Armor Europe: Our Manufacturing Excellence

With an aerospace-oriented approach, our NIJ and VPAM body armor from Europe ensures consistent quality. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities combine quality and value.

Why Choose Integris Composites for Ballistic Plates?

With decades of experience and proprietary technology, we set the gold standard in body armor. Our AS9100 and ISO9001 certified facilities highlight our commitment to excellence. When national standards call, we not only meet but exceed expectations with tailor-made offerings.

In the realm of body armor in Europe, Integris Composites stands for trust, precision, and innovative breakthroughs.


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