Innovative Materials and Customized Engineering for Enhanced Remote Weapon Station and Optronics Protection.


Designing effective armor solutions for remote weapon stations requires a holistic approach that considers protection, mobility, visibility, integration, and vehicle operability. By addressing these aspects, armor solutions can contribute significantly to the resilience of RWS-equipped vehicles in a variety of operational scenarios.

Integris Composites are at the forefront in lightweight, high-performance materials that form the foundation of our RWS armor solutions. Our composite armor and ceramic technologies create an exceptional balance between protection and mobility, enabling RWS and optronic-equipped vehicles to navigate diverse operational landscapes. What sets us apart is our ability to engineer customized solutions. Recognizing the unique demands of every mission, our skilled engineers utilize advanced simulation tools and industry insights to design armor modules that align with varying threat levels and specific mission profiles.

Designed for evolving threats.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques are at the core of Integris Composites' success in RWS and optronic armor solutions. With precision and finesse, we transform engineering concepts into tangible armor reality. This expertise ensures that our armor solutions seamlessly integrate with remote weapon stations and optronics, optimizing systems' performance and preserving unobstructed sightlines and firing angles. Our armor solutions are meticulously crafted to withstand the dynamic forces of vehicle movement and firing operations, providing the necessary stability and durability that modern operations demands.

To retain the optimal function of RWS and optronics, we operate with a specially developed armor technology that can defeat threats in accordance with the required ballistic requirements with significantly limited backface deformation.

At Integris Composites, we anticipate the future of RWS armor solutions. Our designs not only meet current standards but are also engineered for upgradability. As threats evolve, our solutions can be seamlessly enhanced with new technologies and materials. Our engineering capabilities and advanced manufacturing techniques are not just assets – they're a commitment to provide solutions that transcend protection and elevate performance.

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